Every next level of your life will deserve a different version of you!  

   ~ Wild Sisterhood



I am available to speak at workshops, retreats, podcasts and other like minded events.  Please contact info@SandyBachman.com. Following are some events you can find me at:


Monthly Monday Meditations   6:00 –8:00 pm  

August 26th

On the 4th Monday of every month, join us for a Divine Feminine meditation in the pristine Salt Cave of the Sanctuary Spa in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  Relax into the tranquility, serenity and empowering meditations with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters as you inhale and exhale comfortably in a beautiful salt cave.  A different Divine Feminine Ascended Master will be featured each month.  

Cost:  $40 per session   Contact me for more information.




Sacred Womb Workshop   October 6th, 1-4 pm, Samadhi Yoga Uptown Location

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