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If you don’t know how to begin or realign with the journey of fulfilling your destiny, remember that the treasure map of your destiny for this lifetime is with the Rose of your heart.  

    — The Sophia Code, Mother Mary, page 174

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Soul  Directed  Healing

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing is used in every aspect of my public offering.  In 1999 I graduated from Inner Focus School of Mastery.  From that moment forward it has become the foundation of not only my service but also my own personal ascension journey.  


Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul.  It becomes the vital connection to your Soul, Over Soul, Higher Self and the Oneness of All That Is.  It connects the human body, specifically the cellular structures of our anatomy, with the chakra systems, the centers of consciousness, and allows energy to circulate. Through the chakra system old energies are released and cleared, fresh energy is brought forth.  It activates the soul's desire to come into wholeness and expand further into sovereignty and enlightenment.  


Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing allows for the light of your soul to shine forth, guiding you to your true heart’s desires.  Learning how to connect and embody your Higher Self brings healing, peace and clarity to your soul’s purpose and transforms your heart.  Once you experience your own connection to your soul, it changes your relationship to everyone and everything.  The possibility of experiencing Oneness presents itself more often.  In the end, your consciousness continually expands and you learn to accept and love yourself the way you are. 

Sandy Bachman is an extraordinary person, healer, creative, courageous and vibrant soul. She has had a soul connected relationship with the Earth and Mother and ancestors since I have known her and was gifted with her friendship over twenty years ago. Her work now with the Ascended Masters is, well, Masterful.


I am a Soul Directed Energy Healer and Teacher.  I am also an an artist  and poet who creates through my soul.  My session with Sandy was so much more than amazing.  Through Sandy  the Masters took me to a new level of vibrational joy, commitment and passion.  The love and advice that I received is still with me and still coming.  My art and soul is vibrating with new meaning and giving me great joy.  I am so very very appreciative.   

       — Judith Nolan

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