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You are seeking joy and peace in far-off places. But the spring of joy is in your heart. The haven of peace is in yourself.  

    — Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Thank you from the fullness of my heart for the incredibly helpful session you channeled with the Hathors. The beautiful way you and they served was amazing. I loved the information that they brought forth for me and your openness in sharing whatever it was that I needed to hear. I felt unconditionally loved during the entire session, which felt amazing. 

The gifts of this session are still unfolding, and parts of me that were questioning my path and the different aspects of it are now far more settled and even at peace. Your gifts of service and your openness with serving in this way are so deeply appreciated! The new tools that came forth have brought in so much more Light, so much more sureness of who I really am. I feel deeply gratified to have such an amazing experience. And such an amazing sister!
– Anita Su Jiivana


Sandy is a gifted intuitive and Love filled soul. She has an innate ability to guide you on an inner journey that can heal and set you on your path and purpose for your life. Her drumming and Sophia code meditations both have given me the opportunity to elevate my life‘s purpose. I am so grateful and appreciate all of the and love Sandy has put into mastering her craft. 

– Kim Hall   

I recently worked with Sandy in an ascended masters channeling session. I did not know what to expect but I was ready and excited! During the session, Sandy called out to the ascended masters and asked "who would like to help Alli?" Next, my guide/teacher came forward and spoke to me through Sandy. My guide reminded me of who I am, where I have been and assured me that she will help me going forward. I even got a homework assignment from her! I was told to study the way buffalo work in a group, to become familiar with their medicine and learn from them. I was also given the assignment of buying myself a yellow rose and to sit with it every day and then journal my experience after each meditation session. This helped me sort through my intention.

Sandy and her medicine have been an absolute blessing in my life. I highly recommend working with her and learning some tools for yourself. Putting intention into EVERYTHING is teaching me a lot about my gifts, the energy of this Earth and is helping me heal in order to help others. I am so grateful that Sandy has learned how to offer this important medicine to the world. 

Love you sister! Thank you

– Alexandra Cloyd

Wow, what an experience! Sandy presence is one of pure trust, and love. Allowing one to be able to not only connect to their true Self, but welcome in the Asendent Masters. My mind, body and spirit all full, and satisfied, with a knowing of who I am, and what I am doing in my path through life. What a gift Sandy has to share to the world! Thank you!!!  

– Ava


“Sandy and the level of insight she has into the ethereal realm is just what I have been looking for. Hearing from your guides and establishing relationships with new guides you didn’t know you had is a profound experience. Sandy’s approach is comfortable and her clear vision gives you a new perspective and alignment with spirit while still allowing for your own intuition to have a role. I highly recommend this becoming a part of your practice.”

– MT 


Sandra is a very gifted, loving soul who really wants to help you open your heart and soul to be the best you.  I had a session with Sandra and the Hathors that was very enlightening.  At certain social events I was always moved to tears, and Sandra and the hathors helped me see that it was due to my involvement in a prior life event and the sadness that I carried from that.  They showed me where I need to continue to do ‘my work’ and at the same time sent me much healing energy.  Everything is energy!  Having Sandra to help shift that energy is so beautiful.   I highly recommend working with Sandra to help you understand things that may be affecting you in this lifetime and how to receive the loving energy and guidance that our guides want us to feel. Thank you Sandra!   

– Much Love, RJ.


I had a wonderful experience working with Sandy, after I set my intention and shared it with her. 

she dialed into her channeling of her guides and spirits and gifted me with such amazing wisdom that i knew and felt came directly from source. 

Sandy has a natural gift to work with you in so many ways that was so profound, uplifting and brilliant. 

I feel so truly lucky to have her unique gifts to be shared with me ( and so many others ) and knowing that I am in a safe place and spirit has begun to present itself in such a magical way. 

thank you sandy for all you do and for your gifts. 

I highly recommend everyone to do a session with sandy. You will be so happy you did. 

– Stacy Steinberg, Healer 

Thank you so much for my session !! It was incredible to see something within me before you would even mention what was going on in the healing. What I experienced in the session showed up on Fb after the session as a background that blew me away.   I had never seen it the image before. For days after the healing, I began to notice different signs showing up which delighted me even more . I felt very connected to Source through the signs I was seeing. It was like being on a breath taking journey that was truly amazing and unforgettable!!

– Judy Goudas

Sandy Bachman is an extraordinary person, healer, creative, courageous and vibrant soul.  She has had a soul connected relationship with the Earth  and Mother and ancestors since I have known her and was gifted with her friendship over twenty years ago. Her work now with  the Ascended Masters is, well,  Masterful.  


I am a Soul Directed Energy Healer and Teacher.  I am also an an artist  and poet who creates through my soul.  My session with Sandy was so much more than amazing.  Through Sandy  the Masters took me to a new level of vibrational joy, commitment and passion.  The love and advice that I received is still with me and still coming.  My art and soul is vibrating with new meaning and giving me great joy.  I am so very very appreciative.  

– Judith Nolan


To know you are working with a true healer is rare thing. Sandy has taken a lifetime of experience, gathered knowledge, and the gifts she was given in this lifetime to become the masterful medicine woman she is. Her vast knowledge comes from many arenas and teachings, somehow she is able to meld all of this knowledge to work with each person as an individual and offer the healing that they need. She is an expert guide for those seeking a greater understanding of the soul self. 

In my time working with Sandy she has been able to hold sacred space while seeing, and knowing the next steps I needed to guide me along my journey. With the clarity she gave me during our session it has been easy to want to move forward, to shed what no longer serves me. 

It is difficult to express the depth at which Sandy works. She is energy worker, creatrix, sound healer, channel and guide. I am honored to know and work with Sandy.  

– Carrie M. Tempalski MSTCM, RN,  L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.


Sandy is skilled at tapping into the greater whole of consciousness and translating the energy of the universe into useful and practical direction for our everyday lives. I am always happy to refer clients and friends to her, knowing they will learn, benefit and grow.

– Karen Carnabucci

My time spent with Sandy was an incredible experience. I cannot profess enough how kind, aware, in-tune, and tender she is. Sandy is truly a gifted guide. I felt pure light flowing through her, dynamically enveloping me, holding me with care. Sandy helped me connect with many layers allowing for the release of old, dark stories, making a warm and welcoming space for the light. I left our session feeling enriched and equipped with tools to support the full spectrum of myself from the very most subtle to my fully physical manifestation. Our session together was a blend of many modalities including aromatherapy, sound healing, and energy work. I left Sandy's treatment space feeling completely seen, more balanced, and accepting of the beauty of this eyes-wide-open journey I am moving through. I am grateful for her offerings. 

– Monica B. 


I was unfamiliar with Sandy’s work before our session and eager to receive, heal, and learn.  Sandy was immediately warm and welcoming. We had a deep connection and our session moved to meaningful work quickly and at just the right moment.  Our work was deeply healing in the moment and has continued to heal me physically and spiritually. Sandy shared tools to practice self-healing on an ongoing basis that I access on a regular basis.  I left my session feeling empowered, grounded and connected.    

– Hilary  


I had no idea what to expect as I drove to Sandy's house for my Ascended Masters Channel session but I did feel peaceful and excited to be there with her. After experiencing this moment in time with Sandy, I can say with clarity and precision--she is standing in her gift by offering out this work to each of us.  With Sandy's guidance and the collective consciousness of the ascended masters, I became crystal clear around the intention that I brought with me. Truth and love bombs were dropped into the palm of my hands the center of my heart. It was with love, grace, and deep sincerity that Sandy offered me what some might see as a map of tributaries into this next phase of my life. I turn forty years old next week and I cannot think of a more powerful or divine gift than this offering from Sandy. So many blessings are here because of her work.  

– KB


My session with Sandy was just what I needed. It gave me clear, focused direction on where I needed to focus my energy to take care of myself and work towards my highest good and happiness. Taking care of my health and well-being was a main focus of the teachings I got from the Masters during the session. In an hour, Sandy and the Masters packed in a lot of information, but it never felt overwhelming. Sandy has a great ability to break down information and reword it when necessary. After the session, I felt great! I was full of energy and had tons of motivation for many days. Everything was very clear. This was very different than similar sessions I have had with others and introduced me to completely new resources - practices, readings, prayers, mantras, etc. I am excited to dig into my "homework" and take the next steps!

– Bridgette

"The Hathor reading that I received from Sandy has been instrumental in my recent healing and growth process. It has catapulted me on a journey to discover the unlimited power of my voice. Always having felt a bit disappointed with my singing voice in this life time, I now feel empowered to activate my own tongue to sing as an angel on Earth. Since Sandy's reading, I'm embodying the Hathor's suggestions by waking each morning with song in my heart, humming in my day and effortless play and song flowing toward the omniscient creator of new quantum realities I aspire to embody. With intension to lighten "heaviness"  through my voice, I'm being guided to a teacher and literally awake each morning with song, humming and tones that inspire alignment and purpose throughout the day. I'm eagerly on my way to true healing and am grateful for Sandy's skill and generosity!"

– Kathy Clegg

Through Sandy the Ascended Masters guided me through a powerful, heartfelt experience that has inspired me to accept and strive for the best authentic me I can be. Thank you. 

I truly appreciate your gift.

– Jean W.

I wanted to thank you for my Session in December. I am most grateful to you for showing up for this work, and I am so blessed by it. You are courageous and loving. 

I found my Session to be clear, uplifting, enlightening and empowering. So, in the beginning of my session I stated my intent which was looking for help for both WHERE I was blocked and HOW to unblock myself. I received simple messages that helped me to move forward in my decision making. Although these messages were simple to understand they were also profoundly resonating within my core. It was important to me that I resonated with what was being revealed to me. The messages were indeed uplifting to my soul in that loving words were spoken over me and to me. That felt really nice and healing. In addition, these messages left me with a sharper, keener expanded enlightenment for the direction I had felt guided to. I felt so connected with the energy that was brought forth and showed up that I was empowered even more for my particular journey. By the end of the session, both of my intentions were addressed. I was given specific steps and “homework” if you will, to move me along. I did my homework and now the block no longer exists. 

Again, I want to thank you for taking a leap of faith in yourself and in your own journey, and in those of us who connect with you and glean from this lovely and loving energy. With gratitude in my being, I send you love and light always, in all ways... 

– Cathy B.


My session with Sandy Bachman was enlightening. I went into the session not sure of what to expect and she made me feel comfortable within the first few minutes. Once we settled into the session Sandy was informative and insightful. She discussed things with me that I knew in my heart to be true. There were souls from the other side who had passed that were communicating with her and offering help with some intentions that I wanted to create in my life and was having trouble with. I was able to receive word from my daughter, sister and husband who had passed. It was an amazing session and I can honestly say that I am more confident and secure in my decisions because of the love I felt and the support I received from the spiritual realm. Thank you Sandy and I would highly recommend anyone investing in a session with you! I can't wait for my next session!

– Kate Grant

I’m not quite sure what to say, other than WOW!

I loved the entre into the session – your channel felt clear, open, and direct.  Singing the welcome to the Ascended Masters – felt warm, inviting, sweet, and at the same time very powerful. As the Ascended Masters who had messages for me stepped forward, I could feel the love and at the same time, felt a sense of anticipation. The messages that were shared were powerful, direct, and spot on. They felt like such a gift of clarity! Answering questions I had, receiving confirmation of some info that I’d intuited, yet adding more depth and dimension to my understanding was again, such a gift!

I’m grateful that I took notes. There was SO much to remember. I think that next time I have a session with you, I’ll record it, so I can go back and listen to the messages.

Thank you for being the amazing channel that you are, and opening up to share your gift with the world!

– Lorene


Working with Sandy was truly amazing and just what I needed. I had never had a channeling session before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I can’t begin to express how I felt during the session, it was truly enlightening. I found myself smiling and actually grinning because I just felt such energy and joy flowing from me. Sandy told me things that I’d had no idea about, but once said, it just made such perfect sense. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Sandy and I look forward to continuing working with her in the future.

– Audry

It's been one week since my session with Sandy, and I continue to feel the support and transformation from the session. I feel deeply changed from the experience. Sandy is a clear and gifted intuitive channel, and her connection to the Ascended Masters was deep and powerful. She shared precisely what was occurring and the messages she was receiving. Even though we were connected by phone, I felt strong energy shifting and moving during the session. I also appreciated that I was given a customized practice to integrate and embody what transpired in the session. I highly recommend Sandy — she is one of the best channels for healing wisdom and support I've every experienced. Thank you Sandy for the gift of your sacred listening, and being the conduit for such profound blessing and support. 

– Shannon

I was fortunate enough to experience a channeled, personal transmission from the Ascended Masters, facilitated Sandy Bachman. Sandy has been working with The Sophia Code, and has been gifted the ability to act as a channel for The Ascended Masters.

Well, I was astounded by the interaction of the Ascended Master, Mother Mary who personally chose to work thru Sandy during our time together.The days after were both bliss and heart wrenching sorrow.  Both sorely needed to facilitate the growth I had been seeking.

I was given an invitation to become so much more.  Personal guidance,heart to heart growth, deep understanding of self and how to move into the space I have been seeking.

– Angelica

I feel so fortunate to have had a session with Sandy around a month ago.  She was very compassionate and I felt instantly comfortable with her.  Her gift of channeling the Hathors was truly astounding.  Through her channeling of the Hathors, I received a lot of healing from some medical issues and I continue to improve every day.  So thank you Sandy!  You are truly a gift!   

– RH


I have been working closely with Sandy for years now. Sandy provides a very safe, trustworthy, relaxing environment whether we are working by telephone, Skype or in person. The moment We begin, I feel I am being”seen” and not just treated. The environment Sandy creates while you have her undivided attention is so peaceful and caring, it’s an experience of finally being served in your highest good. Sometimes I talk and other times I am quiet, but it makes no difference because the session is always complete in its healing!!! She is able to use insightful observations, experienced skill and useful suggestions that serve my entire system. Sandy provides the best overall care and treatment I could receive!! 
Our sessions always end with me feeling empowered and healed in such a way that I am all the better for my work with her!!! Sandy takes her time to truly listen which makes me feel comfortable, confident and like an individual but also with educating and sharing her wealth of knowledge!!
I absolutely would recommend Sandy to anyone because she is stellar in her care!!!

– D.a. Wils

Any modality for personal and spiritual growth has its own “footprint” on the psyche.  That said, my session with Sandy was especially unique and expanding. The hope and experience of clearing attached falsehoods of my being which have ancestral roots was at the core of my session with Sandy and intensely powerful. I look forward to making peace with these unexplored aspects of myself with Sandy’s guidance when called upon by my higher self. 

– Amy

Sandy Bachman is an extraordinary person, healer, creative, courageous and vibrant soul.  She has had a soul connected relationship with the Earth, Divine Mother and ancestors since I have known her and was gifted with her friendship over twenty years ago. Her work now with  the Ascended Masters is, well,  Masterful.  

I am a Soul Directed Energy Healer and Teacher.  I am also an an artist  and poet who creates through my soul.  My session with Sandy was so much more than amazing.  Through Sandy, the Masters took me to a new level of vibrational joy, commitment and passion.  The love and advice that I received is still with me and still coming.  My art and soul is vibrating with new meaning and giving me great joy.  I am so very very appreciative.

– Judith Nolan

I said yes to seeing Sandy because a close friend whom I trust recommended her. I didn't know what a Sacred Womb Healing was and I didn't feel any particular need for anything involving my womb. In fact, when I walked in the door and Sandy asked me what my intention was, I didn't have anything to say. It didn't really matter. Sandy sat with me and we drank tea and got to know each other a little bit, and then for the next hour, I received such nurturing care, such gentle intuitive guidance and such healing breakthrough, that I know Sandy is part of my healing team. I am beyond grateful for what she brought up in my spirit and what was revealed in her presence. She is a healer without ego or pretense.She is down to earth and easy to connect with and helped me feel seen and cozy and unafraid immediately. Working with her is good medicine.

Trinity, Founder of Arkitekt

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