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You are the medicine of your own trauma.  Dig Deep.  For only you can make those wildflowers bloom again.    

    — Unknown

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Sandy is as caring as she is insightful. I was recovering from a traumatic labor and had also suffered sexual abuse as a child. In just two sessions, Sandy healed my infant son and I of our trauma. She is pure magic!


Love Megan

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Be Yourself.

Everyone else is taken.

    — V. F.

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Two days ago, I had the most remarkable Ascended Master Channeling session with Sandy Bachman. I am still in a space of feeling the grandness of what really took place! I have had several channeling sessions with others in the past, but this session was beyond words and any other experience I have ever had. Sandy instructed me to have a strong intention ready before the session and after she checked in and opened the session with the Ascended Masters and Archangels, a beautiful group stepped forward to respond to my intention. The messages from each were full of touching moments, clarity, direction and such love. Specific practices and ceremonies were given to me as well. I have been an Ayurvedic Practitioner for over 25 years and would not hesitate to recommend a session with Sandy to anyone looking for direction on their healing path. Blessings to you Sandy for stepping forth with this incredible and powerful service work. It is greatly needed in this time of confusion and fear.  


Cheryl Silberman, founder of Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center  

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Spread your invisible wings and teach yourself, just how high you can fly.     

    — Native American proverb


Below are the different types of healing sessions I offer. You can look through and see what you feel your soul is searching for, or we can decide together what might work best for you. Any of my services listed below can be in person or over the phone, for an individual or groups.  

Sacred Womb Medicine  $250, 90 minutes

During a sacred womb session, we will work to uncover the purity and truth of your own womb.  This allows for you to experience the innocence and true essence of your Being once again.  As well, a session transcends the physical womb allowing you to expand and embrace the cosmic womb of all creation.  As within so without.  My clients have found these very personal, unique sessions to be transformative, healing and empowering.  

Most people are not aware of the Creatrix energy that exists within the womb.  Without it our life force is stifled.  Sacred Womb sessions are potent for healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual difficulties women, and men, carry within themselves. I am able to help with an abundance of imbalances, such as: anger, co-dependency, suffering, post partum healing, menopause, hysterectomy, rape, miscarriage, infertility, body image, sexual dysfunction and more. 

Once the sacred space is created, I facilitate the healing via Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing. This percolates that which needs to be brought to the surface, realized, healed and released.  From there, the client has the opportunity to experience the expansion and connection of their own heart, soul and Oneness of Being.

Sacred womb medicine is not only for women.  Men and those that don't identify with a gender are also able to experience the womb of the Cosmic Mother within themselves.  This is an extremely powerful experience that awakens deep connection to the Divine Feminine and creative energy within.  

Essential oils, Tibetan bowls, drumming, rattles, toning and animal medicine are other modalities that can be a part of a session. 

The medicine of your own sacred womb is the freedom waiting to be fed to your heart and the rest of your Being. Drink it in.   Contact me for more information.

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Sandra Bachman@Sandra-Bachman-2

Ascended Master Healing and Activation  $125, 60 minutes

In an Ascended Master session, I will guide you on an inner journey to heal, set you on your path, and elevate your life purpose.  I will invoke a select team of High Council Ascended Masters to create a sacred space and safe container for your experience to unfold.  Once you state your intention, the session begins to emerge.  I am able to translate the Ascended Masters' messages into useful and practical direction for your everyday life. 

In addition to the generous healing and activations that come through, the Ascended Masters might also suggest specific spiritual practices that will further support your transformation and integration of the session.  All that transpires within this potent space of unconditional love will be clear and direct.  

Plan to be in awe of your own soul beauty.  Plan to experience yourself with gratitude for the journey taken in this lifetime and perhaps others.  Contact me for more information.

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Sandra Bachman@Sandra-Bachman-2

Divine Feminine Leadership   

Sometimes the journey of a Spiritual Being having a human experience requires greater influence, additional wisdom and different perspectives.

As a Master Teacher and Divine Feminine Leader myself, I am highly qualified to create the unearthing of innate wisdom within you, setting you on an accelerated path of learning.  

This is an exquisite opportunity for you to drop into the safe container of Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and allow for the creativity and truth within yourself to flow once again.  

Before the mentoring of Divine Feminine Leadership begins, we will discuss what intentions and expectations you have for our time together.  This will ensure the highest possible outcome. To determine the best way to facilitate a magnificent enlightening experience for you, I will meditate on this information.  Therefore, each session will be arranged organically to meet your specific needs.  Once the mentoring begins, there may be spiritual practices or creativity projects assigned to further assist in the integration process.  

Whether you mentor with me for one day or longer, as an individual or with a group, each day is beautifully arranged with the perfection of what you need in the moment.  

Expect miracles because we will be creating them!  

Contact me for pricing, payment and more information.

Custom Medicine Wands    Readings: 30 minutes- $65     60 minutes- $108   +Time and Materials

Perhaps you have been gifted feathers from Spirit and want to do something special with them?  If so, I have been initiated and blessed by a Navajo shaman to invoke bird medicine into feathers.  

In a session, I will honor the directions and the respective bird medicine associated with each direction.  You will state your intention and the bird kingdom will answer your call.  Through me, pertinent information will be downloaded. Based upon the medicine that comes forth, I will use your feathers and, if necessary, other materials, to create a magical, unique medicine wand for you to enjoy for the rest of your days.   

Whether your medicine wand is for yourself, a couple, a family, or a gift for someone else, this is a fun and easy way to create something very beautiful and respectful out of your gifted feathers.  Whether it be for one feather or many, the energy of the bird(s) is a healing gift on your journey.  From there I can teach you how to program and use the Medicine Wand in a healing way.  Contact me for more information.

Image ©Kim Dreyer.
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