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May my soul bloom in love for all existence.

    — Rudolph Stenier

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To know you are working with a true healer is rare thing. Sandy has taken a lifetime of experience, gathered knowledge, and the gifts she was given in this lifetime to become the masterful medicine woman she is. Her vast knowledge comes from many arenas and teachings, somehow she is able to meld all of this knowledge to work with each person as an individual and offer the healing that they need. She is an expert guide for those seeking a greater understanding of the soul self. 

In my time working with Sandy she has been able to hold sacred space while seeing, and knowing the next steps I needed to guide me along my journey. With the clarity she gave me during our session it has been easy to want to move forward, to shed what no longer serves me. 


It is difficult to express the depth at which Sandy works. She is energy worker, creatrix, sound healer, channel and guide. I am honored to know and work with Sandy. 

– Carrie M. Tempalski MSTCM, RN, LAc

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About  Sandy 

I am a Divine Feminine Leader, Author and Spiritual Practitioner.  For over twenty five years, I have embraced diverse practices of body, mind and spirit wellness.  Learning from Master Teachers, I have over 1800 hours of study with the following certifications: Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healer, Ayurveda Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist, Wholistic Pelvic Care Specialist and Sound Healer.  I also have a Master's Degree in Adult Education from Kent State University.


I have developed a beautiful way to bring forth innate knowledge full of spiritual, energetic and body consciousness.  The end result for you is a profound realization of truth and sustained healing in your Being.  


Through the years I have served many seekers on their path in various capacities.  I am passionate about purifying the heart and cleansing the sacred womb space.  Through loving kindness and deep compassion, I have an instinctive ability to guide you to experience the spark of love in your heart and the freedom to unravel it.  


I serve as a gateway for you to claim your own innocence, wisdom, power and joy. Creating a safe and sacred container for deep healing and awareness to arise is of utmost importance to me.  I believe that once we begin to peel away the distractions, we realize that the journey is all about self love.  Then it is up to us to keep searching for the ways we can love ourselves even more, even more, and even more. 


In the last fifteen years, the focus of my practice has been to support women of all ages to heal on all four levels of their Being.  With a heart and soul connection, I guide women to let go of ancestral wounds, physical trauma and old belief systems that do not serve them anymore.  This creates divine sovereignty, the empowerment of self love to create Heaven on Earth.  

I enjoy educating women on the mysteries of their womb and the creative power that exist within it.  I have created many ceremonies to celebrate various Rites of Passage of being a woman.  I thoroughly enjoy resurrecting and celebrating this ancient wisdom with others. 


Today, being grateful for the perfection of my own journey brings many gifts.  I am currently writing a book that accounts my spiritual journey in hopes that others can benefit from this inherent wisdom.  


I enjoy hiking, camping and romping in the woods. I also spend time creating and coloring sacred geometry as well as making feather medicine wands.  

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